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From now through April 2018, you can enter monthly contests and learn how Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) makes an impact. This third contest in the series is focused on our efforts to help young people around the world grow into happy, healthy adults. Enter now!

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We're Turning 50!

Since 1968, LCIF has supported the service of Lions worldwide through grant funding. Our foundation enables some of the largest-impact humanitarian efforts that Lions undertake.

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Lions helping kids


Through local schools, LCIF's Lions Quest program helps kids in more than 100 countries develop the social and emotional skills they need to make responsible decisions.

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Students Participating in Lions Quest Program


Students in Montenegro—along with parents and educators—sing the praises of the Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence program.

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I Can volunteer at a school. We Can Provide Positive Learning Environments for 16 Million Children.

To make a difference for thousands of women and girls in India, LCIF, in collaboration with local experts, recently launched a new initiative on gender-based violence prevention and gender equity in Delhi-area schools. The pilot project will reach 2,000 young people in a positive and safe learning environment.

This first-of-its-kind program combines social and emotional skill-building through the Lions Quest program with a set of tailored lessons and multimedia activities, such as teacher-led discussions, serialized films, and skills practice. The initiative, titled Dosti Ka Safar (The Journey of Friendship), is designed to extend constructive behaviors from the lessons into the community at large.

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Learn how our foundation helps kids deal with the pressures and promise of adolescence and you could win a special prize. Just complete a few simple tasks—like watching a video or viewing a blog post—that show you what our foundation does.

How You Can Win

  • Use the official online form to enter, up to the maximum number of entries.
  • All contestants will be placed in a random drawing to win an exclusive LCIF 50th Anniversary medal, plus an invitation to LCIF recognition events at the Lions Clubs International Convention in Las Vegas (travel and convention registration not included).
  • Winners will be selected each month from around the globe.
  • Each task completed counts as one entry. The more entries completed, the greater your chance of winning each month.

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Contest Winners' Circle — Measles Edition

Congratulations to the winners of the Together We Can Contest: Measles Edition! Enter this month's contest for your chance to join them.

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Congrats Winners!

  • Donna Wood (English)
  • Liliana Civitillo (Español)
  • Herbert Kütter (Deutsch)
  • Ross Chicoine (Français)
  • Seppo Söderholm (Suomi)
  • Massimiliano Manera (中文 (简体))
  • 李青蝶 (中文 (繁體))
  • Loris Baraldi (Italiano)
  • Willian Vicente Wesendonck (Português)
  • Michael Scott (Svenska)
  • 寺延佑介 (日本語)
  • Vipulkumar Patel (हिंदी)
  • 이상옥 (한국어)